Summary of KMC's chain types

Posted at: Nov. 2, 2021

KMC chains are popular because of their good shifting performance and high cost performance, and we have compiled a list of the types of KMC chains and the gears they support.

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A series of KMC chains

DLC Chain

KMC’s latest model, DLC chain, stands for “Diamond-Like Coating,” and is a chain with enhanced surface hardness and rust prevention. It is one of the most expensive chains for bicycles, with an actual selling price of over $ 100.

It is available in black, blue, yellow, red, and other colors, so you can enjoy color-coordinating your bicycle as a one-point accent.

DLC chains are available for 10, 11, and 12 speeds.

X Chain

KMC’s X chain is a chain with the letter “X” in the shape of the chain, which improves shifting performance when shifting gears. many people think of the X series when they think of KMC chains.

The X chain series comes in a wide variety of colors, not only the standard silver, but also gold and black, so you can use it to color coordinate your bike.

The following variations are available within the X Chain. 1.

1.L/EL: light chain 1.SL: Ultra light chain

  1. EPT: Eco chain

The X chain is compatible with 6/7/8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 speeds, making it suitable for most current bicycles with shifting functions.

Normal Chain

KMC’s normal chain for 6, 7, and 8 speeds; does not have the features of DLC chain or X chain, but can be used as a normal shifting chain.

KMC Chain Series and Compatible Gears

Let’s take a look at KMC’s chain series and compatible gears.

Series 12-speed 11-speed 10-speed 9-speed 6/7/8-speed
DLC Chain - -
X Chain
Normal Chain - - - -

The DLC chain, the latest model, can only be used with 10-speed or higher, which is for higher grade components, but the high-performance and lightweight X chain covers all shifting, so the X chain is the basic choice.

X chains are graded by weight, so you can choose a non-marked chain for normal use, or an EL or SL chain for lighter weight.

KMC’s Chain Series and Color Variations

KMC’s chains are available in a variety of colors.

Each color series in the lineup is different, but they are listed below.

Color DLC Chain X Chain
Black -
Black/Cheleste -
Black/Red - -
Black/Gold -
Black/Silver - ○-
Black/Gold -
Silver - -
Silver/Black -
Black -
VIVID (multi-colored) -
silver/Cheleste -
Silver/Yellow -
Silver/Green -
Silver/Blue -
Silver/Red -

Even within the same series, there are different lineups depending on the number of gears.

Still, since most chains from other manufacturers are usually only available in silver, the colors you can choose are enough to allow you to enjoy color coordination.

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