Advantages and Disadvantages of Road Bike Component Sets

Posted at: Jun 28, 2021

A road bike component set, where you can get all the necessary component parts at once and get a discount. The following is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of component sets and points to keep in mind when purchasing them.

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Advantages of Composite Sets

Most of what you need is already included.

In the case of “composite sets,” which sell components for road bikes as a set, there is no need to forget to buy a complete set of components for a series, and the necessary parts are all there from the start, so replacement work can be done right away.

In addition, some major bicycle parts stores reduce the price by 30% or more for a set, so in many cases, you can save money if you get everything new.

Compatibility is a no-brainer.

In the case of composite sets, the various composite parts of the series are 100% compatible because they are all in one set.

When you buy them separately, you need to check the manufacturer’s compatibility list to make sure you are buying the right one.

However, these are “compatibility between component parts,” and whether they will fit the frame, foam, and wheels of the road bike you are replacing is another matter.

It is not possible to replace them with no check at all if they fit or do not fit the road bike to be upgraded.

Disadvantages of composite sets

You’ll be spending a lot of money all at once

The biggest concern with a composite set is the cost. A set will cost you more than $500 all at once if it is new.

If you buy them in pieces, you can buy them little by little for about $100, and if the parts are compatible, you have the advantage of being able to upgrade little by little.

The final cosmetic price is often higher for a set, but the disadvantage is that it tends to be a price you should discuss with your partner, especially if you are not a single person.

Only a few stores handle them.

The number of stores selling component sets is limited. Perhaps due to inventory problems, mail order sales are limited to major sport bike specialty stores that sell sets at low prices.

In addition, some parts, such as brakes, are sold individually at a discount of more than 50%, and if you can buy them on sale or at a store that offers high point reductions, you may be able to save more money by buying them separately.

In the case of used composite sets, you need to be careful about the condition of the product.

Compo-sets are sometimes sold at second-hand stores or flea markets, but when buying a used compo-set, be aware that unlike new compo-sets, “each part is in a different condition”.

In particular, the following parts are the most expensive parts in a composite set, so if there is a problem with them and you have to buy them separately, the cost of a used composite set will drop dramatically.

  1. crank STI lever
  2. brake

It is fine if the component set is from a reliable used store, but when purchasing from an individual at an auction or flea market, you should be aware of the risk of grabbing a faulty component set.

In addition, there are many cases where used component sets are actually not that much cheaper than new ones, so be sure to make a thorough comparison.

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CComponent set vs. buying separately

Finally, compare the differences between composite sets and buying them separately.

Component Set Buy Separately
Expenses once gradually
Off rate depends on parts/shop
Check compatibility Not necessary Needed
Number of stores handling the product
Shop inventory availability
High Low Risk

If money is not a problem, it is best to buy a new composite set from a major store, as there are no compatibility problems or glitches. The good thing about composite sets is that they can be converted at once when they arrive. However, availability of new composite sets is subject to stock issues, so availability depends on inventory.

On the other hand, if you buy separately, you can get each part individually, so the inventory impact is smaller than with a set, and if the components are compatible with your current road bike, you can enjoy upgrading each part a little at a time. Since the expense is gradual, the advantage would be that you can do as much as you like.

In terms of cosmetics, the component set will be more expensive when considered new, but how you upgrade is a matter of personal preference.

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