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Wiggle is the UK's leading international bicycle accessories retailer, and we'll show you the latest Wiggle sales, current coupons, and tricks to save money at Wiggle.

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Current Sale

Current Sales at Wiggle

Up to 60% OFF View Sale

2023 Summer Sale Up to 60%OFF

The Summer Sale 2023 at Wiggle is finally underway! With savings of up to 60% off, this is a sale not to be missed!

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Up to 50% OFF View Sale

Gear Up For Less Sale

Gear Up For Less Sale Starts at Wiggle with Up to 50% Off! Price reductions on clothing, wheels, tires, parts, and more!

Dec. 31, 2199 23:59 End

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Coupons being distributed

Wiggle Coupons, Discount Codes & Promo Codes

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The secret to getting the best deals at Wiggle

Find out when Wiggle has sales and coupon distribution patterns to know when it’s cheapest!

Wiggle holds seasonal sales and distributes coupons in its newsletter on an irregular basis. If you want to buy a complete bicycle or parts Wiggle at a low price, it is very important to know the “cheapest time”.

Wiggle’s main sale periods

Wiggle’s main sale times are as follows

Sale/Coupon Date Term Discounts 2022 Results
End Season Sale Early February Only once a year Up to 50% OFF 2/24-3/11
Spring Sale Early April Only once a year Maximum 50%OFF 4/1-4/21
Golden Week Sale Early April Only once a year Up to 40%OFF 4/30-5/5
Summer Sale early August Only once a year Up to 50% Off 8/6-9/3
Black Friday Sale early November Only once a year Up to 50% off 11/2-12/2
New Year’s Sale Late December Once a year Up to 60% off 12/23-3/30

In this way, it is safe to assume that a sale of some kind is held every month or two.

Recently, the name of the sale has changed from “Summer Sale” to “MOVE YOUR WAY Sale,” which sounds like a concept, but it is in fact the same as a seasonal sale.

However, during the sale period, you will also receive an “additional off coupon” (see below), which will make the overall price cheaper.

Wiggle’s Main Distribution Coupons

Wiggle distributes coupons and vouchers separating categories such as “clothing,” “wheels,” and “complete cars,” as well as “coupons for even more OFF during the sale period.

For the past year or so, we have tended to distribute coupons for “an additional XX% off” about two weeks before the end of a major sale.

For example in 2022,

  1. 2022 Winter Sale Further 10% off
  2. 2022 Summer Sale Plus 15% OFF Coupon
  3. new season items 20% off
  4. additional 10% off Black Friday items
  5. additional 10% off outlet items

and then a 10% or 15% off coupon will be distributed at the end of the sale. Additional OFF coupons during the sale period will further discount the already reduced prices, so you can buy at a considerable discount.

How to Get Coupons and Terms of Use

Coupons used to be distributed in the form of newsletter-only coupons, but now the standard format is to enter the code, which is publicly available on the Wiggle sale page, yourself at the cart. Therefore, most of the coupons can be used without registering for the newsletter.

Wiggle coupons have very loose conditions for use, basically just that they can be used only on eligible products.

They can be used multiple times and there is no minimum spend. It is also possible to use the coupon in combination with items that are not eligible for the coupon.

However, there are some items that do not qualify for vouchers easily or remain at a fixed price, in which case it is best to use the “Member Rank Up System” described below (also with restrictions on eligible items).

Use your Wiggle Gift Voucher!

One of the best ways to save money at Wiggle is to know about Wiggle Gift Vouchers, which can sometimes save you more than a sale or coupon.

What is a Wiggle Gift Voucher?

A Wiggle Gift Voucher is a kind of currency within Wiggle that can be used for shopping within Wiggle. The name is not familiar to the Japanese, but it works the same way as a point charge in Japan.

You can charge Gift Vouchers to your account by buying them yourself or getting them from someone else. Wiggle Gift Vouchers can also be used for refunds.

When you purchase your own Wiggle Gift Voucher, you can choose from the following amounts

  • 10 USD
  • 20 USD
  • 30 USD
  • 40 USD
  • 50 USD
  • 100 USD
  • 200 USD

Wiggle Gift Card USD

Redeem a Wiggle Gift Voucher with family and friends!

When you purchase a Wiggle Gift Voucher, you will receive a “Gift Voucher Code” by email.

This code is to be applied to your account, so you can apply it directly to your own account or give it to a family member or friend, but please note that once it is applied to your account, the gift voucher cannot be moved.

Gift vouchers expire 24 months after purchase, so if you don’t apply the code until the last minute and give or exchange it for a family member or friend who buys from Wiggle beyond the free shipping line, you can make the most of the gift voucher you bought for free shipping.

What about Wiggle’s “First Time Coupon Voucher” for new members?

In the past, a first time coupon (first time voucher) was given out for new newsletter signups to use on their first order, but this has stopped over the last year or so. If you are looking for a “no voucher” because you think you will get an initial voucher for new members based on information online, be careful.

If you want a coupon or voucher for your first Wiggle order, ask a friend who uses Wiggle and get your first voucher through the “Refer-a-Friend Scheme”. Please note that the referral scheme does not have a “Wiggle referral code”, but rather you register the email address of the first Wiggle user on the referrer’s Wiggle My Page.

Wiggle’s “Refer-a-Friend Scheme” works in such a way that the person you refer will receive a “Welcome Gift £10.00 Voucher (good for orders over £50)” after placing an order, and the friend you refer will receive a voucher for 10% of their first order.

This is not quite the same as the initial coupon/voucher that was distributed to new members, but it is a very good deal if you can use it, so please try it.

Take advantage of vouchers given out with newsletters and other promotions!

Wiggle distributes promotional vouchers when you sign up for the first newsletter or when you participate in a campaign. Although they are called vouchers, they are in effect the same as coupons.

Please note the following points about promotional vouchers

  1. they cannot be used for shipping charges
  2. the minimum spending amount is different from the shipping cost
  3. cannot be used to purchase gift vouchers

Shop well and earn your Wiggle membership rank!

Wiggle has a membership system that offers discounts based on your membership rank.

There are two membership ranks, Gold (purchases over £300 per year) and Platinum (purchases over £500 per year), each calculated on the total value of purchases made in the last 365 days.

Members rank up get a discount by default.

Discounts are available by default when you become a higher ranked member of Wiggle. And during special promotions, the discount rate can be even higher, making it even more affordable.

Ranks and Discounts Conditions Normal Previous Increases
Platinum 500 pounds or more per year 12% 17
Gold £300+ per year 5% 12%
Standard - 0% 0

A £500 annual shopping spree may not go to those who shop outside of Wiggle, but a £300 Gold membership is available if you shop a few times.

Even if you get 5% off, it’s a pretty nice discount, as bike parts and accessories tend to be expensive to buy.

Please note that the amount of the Wiggle Gift Voucher is not included in the purchase price to qualify for the rank increase.

What about the manufacturer’s warranty on items bought from Wiggle?

Items bought from Wiggle are basically covered by the manufacturer’s warranty since they are brand new. However, it is on a case-by-case basis whether the support office in the country where you live will accept it.

So, if you are within the manufacturer’s warranty period, contact Wiggle support first.

Wiggle sells items from a wide range of manufacturers and brands, but if your country of residence is covered by an authorized distributor, you will most likely not be able to get support in Japan. Contact Wiggle support and ask them what you should do.

About Wiggle

Wiggle is a bicycle mail order site located in Portsmouth, England. Wiggle has been expanding its mail order business not only in the UK and EU but also all over the world, and is popular in Japan as the site where you can buy wheels from overseas manufacturers at a great price.

Corporate Information

Company Name Wiggle Ltd
Establishment 1999
Type of industry Online Sports Retailer
Head Office Location Portsmouth, England
Number of Employees 157

Terms and Conditions

Please be sure to check the official website before purchasing.

Payment Method Credit card, PayPal, gift voucher/promotional voucher
Returns and Exchanges Full refund for unused items except custom-ordered items (can be returned within 365 days)
Initial defects, wrong items, etc. can be returned after contacting support.

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Past Sales

Up to 50% OFF View Coupon

Weekly Brand Sale

Weekly brand sale with up to 50% off at Wiggle starts this week! This week, dhb, fizik, Prime, selle italia, and more are up to 50% off!

Jun. 30, 2023 16:59 End

up to 50% OFF View Coupon

Weekly Brand Sale

Weekly brand sale starts at Wiggle with up to 50% off! This week, adidas,SALOMON,ENDURA,FOHN are up to 50% off!

Jun. 23, 2023 16:59 End

最大50% OFF View Coupon

Weekly Brand Sale

Weekly brand sale starts at Wiggle with up to 50% off! This week, Campagnolo, Castelli, dhb, and Vitus are up to 50% off!

Jun. 16, 2023 16:59 End

Past Coupons

WHEEL10 Extra 10% OFF

Additional 10% off coupon for wheels and tires on sale

Wiggle is offering a coupon for an additional 10% off wheels and tires during the summer sale until 8/13 at 24:00.

Aug. 13, 2023 23:59 End

View Coupon
BIKE10 Extra 10% OFF

Sale Bike Plus 10% Off Coupon

Wiggle is offering a coupon for an additional 10% off sale bikes until midnight 8/6.

Aug. 6, 2023 23:59 End

View Coupon
CLOTHING10 Extra 10% OFF

Sale Wear Plus 10% Off Coupon

Wiggle is offering a coupon for an additional 10% off sale wear until midnight 7/30.

Jul. 30, 2023 23:59 End

View Coupon
SAVE Up to $40 OFF

Save Up to $40!Spend and Save Coupon

Wiggle offers a Spend and Save coupon for up to $40 off your purchase through 7/20!

Jul. 20, 2023 23:59 End

View Coupon

20% off coupon for more famous brands

Wiggle offers a coupon for an additional 20% off eligible name brand items through 5/24!

May. 24, 2023 23:59 End

View Coupon

EXTRA 15% OFF Coupon

Wiggle is offering another coupon this month for an additional 15% off qualifying items through 5/9!

May. 9, 2023 23:59 End

View Coupon