SRAM Component Grades and Compatibility Summary for MTB

Modified at: Mar 23, 2023

Posted at: Mar 20, 2023

This section summarizes the grades, features, and compatibility of SRAM's Eagle series of components for MTB, as well as the electric component AXS and the latest component, Eagle Transmission.

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Eagle Collection

SRAM’s components for MTB used to consist of X.0, X.9, X.7, X-5, X.4, and X.3 from XX, but since the introduction of the XX1 Eagle in 2016, MTB components have been rebranded to the “Eagle Collection.

As such, all current SRAM components for MTB are now named “Eagles” collection, and all series are front single 12-speed components.

The Eagle collection consists of five grades, ranging from the top-of-the-line XX1 (for cross-country) and X01 (for enduro) to the entry-level SX, and the top three grades (XX1, X01, and GX) include the AXS (Access) electric shifting system. AXS is positioned in the same category as SRAM’s “eTap” road bicycle components.

On March 22, 2023, a new standard electric component for MTB, the Eagle Transmission, will be added.

Eagle Transmission has been significantly upgraded with a unique derailleur hanger-free mounting standard, easy setup using a dedicated app, and improved performance wireless shifting. Eagle Transmission is brand numbered XX SL for the top grade, XX for the second grade, and X0 for increased durability.

The Eagle Transmission also includes sprockets, chains, and other parts that were previously shared by the Eagle series.

series target number of speed changes
XX SL Eagle AXS Transmission Cross-country 12-speed
XX Eagle AXS Transmission Enduro 12-speed
XX1 Eagle AXS Cross-country 12-speed
XX1 Eagle Cross-country 12-speed
X0 Eagle AXS Transmission Middle Grade 12-speed
X01 Eagle AXS Enduro 12-speed
X01 Eagle Enduro 12-speed
GX Eagle AXS Middle Grade 12-speed
GX Eagle Middle Grade 12-speed
NX Eagle Entry Grade 12-speed
SX Eagle Entry Grade 12-speed

SRAM’s components for MTB are unified as “single speed front x 12 speed rear” in the Eagle series, allowing both higher and lower grades to experience the latest trend in MTB, “single speed front and multiple speed rear”.

SRAM components are often seen in the entry-level SX Eagle, which is the standard for entry-level MTBs, as it is compatible with 12 speeds and can be used in complete bikes at a low price.

The Eagle Collection is compatible with each other.

With the exception of the newly released “Eagle Transmission”, all grades of SRAM’s Eagle Collection are compatible with each other, so it is possible to use different grades of components together.

the freedom to mix the freedom to match

Eagle is a drivetrain ecosystem with more range than ever before. XX1, X01, GX, NX and SX Eagle share technologies that make them all cross compatible.

Eagle | SRAM

This means that from the entry-level SX Eagle, it is possible to partially upgrade the components to a higher grade or to go electric (shifter and rear derailleur are set for electric).

Electric shifting can be introduced at a low cost

The appeal of the Eagle collection is that electric conversion is easy and possible at a relatively low price.

The GX Eagle AXS, the lowest priced of the Eagle AXS series, sells an upgrade kit from existing Eagle components called the “GX EAGLE AXS Upgrade Kit,” and at the time of its release, the price was under $1,000.

Not compatible with Shimano components

SRAM components were once said to be compatible with SRAM, but the current MTB series, the Eagle Collection, is not compatible with Shimano components.

However, SRAM offers sprockets that can use Eagle components on wheels with conventional Shimano free bodies, so for Shimano wheels, some can be combined with Ealge components.

Brake Series

Apart from the main component series, SRAM has a dedicated brake series lineup.

There are four types of brakes with different characteristics: levers and disc brake calipers.

  • Code
  • DB
  • G2
  • Level

These are only available with braking systems and no drivetrain components such as shifters or crankshafts.

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