Summary of tools needed to replace sprockets

Modified at: Jun 9, 2022

Posted at: Mar 31, 2021

Replacing sprockets is an affordable upgrade, such as upgrading gears or customizing gear ratio changes. We have compiled a list of tools needed for sprocket replacement.

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Tools needed to remove the sprocket

Freewheel remover (lockring remover)

The freewheel remover is a tool used to rotate the lock ring of the cassette sprocket attached to the cassette free type hub. It is also called a lockring remover.

Since it is impossible to rotate the lock ring of the sprocket with ordinary tools, a freewheel remover is always required when removing the sprocket.

There are special freewheel removers for Shimano and other manufacturers, so select a freewheel remover that matches the sprocket mounted on the wheel.

Freewheel removers are available in the following types,

  1. single type
  2. wrench integrated type

There are two types of freewheel removers: 1. single type and 2. wrench-integrated type. For the single type, a wrench such as a monkey wrench is also necessary.

Sprocket remover

The sprocket remover is a tool with a chain attached.

Bicycle sprockets are designed to rotate with the wheel when rotated clockwise, and the hub spins when rotated counterclockwise.

Therefore, if you rotate the lock ring counterclockwise to remove the sprocket, the hub will spin out of alignment and the lock ring cannot be removed.

With a sprocket remover, the chain portion of the sprocket remover can be engaged to prevent the sprocket from spinning out and allow the lock ring to rotate counterclockwise.

Tools needed when installing sprockets

Freewheel remover

The freewheel remover (lockring remover) used to remove the sprocket is also used when installing the sprocket.

Bicycle sprockets rotate with the wheel when turned clockwise, so a sprocket remover is not necessary when installing them.

The freewheel remover can be inserted into the lock ring and rotated clockwise to tighten the lock ring.

We have looked at the tools needed to replace a sprocket.

Replacing sprockets is one of the easier parts of bicycle maintenance and upgrading, but since specialized tools are essential, household tools cannot be used for the replacement work.

Recently, free wheel remover and sprocket remover sets are available at affordable prices through online retailers, so be sure to use the dedicated tools properly.

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