Advantages and disadvantages of an anagaki saddle

Posted at: Jan 21, 2022

Holey saddles reduce crotch chafing and buttock pain on road bikes. We summarize its advantages and disadvantages.

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Advantages of Perforated Saddles

Can reduce chafing pain

When you ride a bicycle with a forward bent posture such as a road bike, you can’t help rubbing against the saddle and it hurts. Therefore, if you change the saddle to a perforated saddle, it won’t rub around the urethra for men and around the genital area for women, so it can reduce the pain.

It is so effective for users who suffer from chafing that some people say that the pain of chafing dramatically disappeared by changing from a normal flat saddle to a perforated saddle.

Can reduce stuffiness

When you are doing a long ride on a hot day, you tend to get sweaty on the saddle which becomes a closed space.

If you are an advanced rider, you can adjust your position during the ride, or you can take advantage of dancing to release the lactic acid accumulated in your legs. You can cope by not sitting down all the time. However, beginners in particular tend to keep running in the same posture all the time, so your bottom gets sweaty and your inner wear gets soaked with sweat.

By using a perforated saddle, the moisture of the wear can be released from the hole of the saddle, so it can reduce the stuffiness caused by the saddle.

Disadvantages of Perforated Saddles

It can be painful for some people.

There are many advantages to using a perforated saddle, but some people find it more painful to use a perforated saddle.

It depends on the shape of the person’s body, the position of the rider, and the shape and material of the saddle. In many cases, the material where the hole is made becomes hard and hurts.

If you feel pain with a perforated saddle, try changing the saddle position (back and forth, tilt) and it may improve.

Feel uncomfortable depending on the position

With a perforated saddle, there are places with holes and places without holes. Because of that difference, you may feel uncomfortable when you change your position while riding.

Some people say, “It’s perfect if it fits the perforated part, but it hurts if it slips even a little bit.” Others say, “It’s a unique shape for the perforation, and the bottom is not stable.”

You won’t be able to tell the difference until you actually use the saddle and feel the difference, so it’s hard to tell before you buy it.

If you are planning to buy an expensive saddle with a hole, some shops will prepare a trial saddle, so let’s use the trial one.

A wide variety of saddles with holes. Be careful of the swamp.

Even if you say the saddles with holes in a word, each company has a rich lineup from cheap ones to high-class saddles which cost tens of hundreds of doller.

When choosing a perforated saddle:

  1. Hole Width
  2. Hole Depth
  3. Edge Width
  4. Nose length

While paying attention to, check if it fits your body shape, such as how much space is needed to avoid the painful part, whether the nose is long enough, and whether there is enough space to support the pelvis.

The saddle is a difficult part that feels different depending on your posture and how your hip muscles fit. So you should be careful not to get too caught up in the saddle swamp. For example, if you buy a saddle without doing a thorough check, it will be like, “It didn’t fit me again, so I’ll buy the next one.”

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