How to choose Casual, Everyday Use Binding Shoes

Posted at: Mar 28, 2022

For those who want to use binding shoes on a daily basis for commuting to work or school, sightseeing, shopping, etc., we have compiled a list of binding shoes that can be worn like sneakers.

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Advantages of choosing binding shoes for everyday wear

Ability to walk around town

The advantage of everyday binding shoes is the ability to walk around town.

Most everyday binding shoes have a solid outsole and cleats in the sole, which reduces the wear of the cleats.

They don’t float in appearance.

Race-spec binding shoes inevitably give off a racer look and tend to float away when shopping or sightseeing.

Binding shoes for everyday wear are often designed to look like soccer toning shoes or sneakers, so they do not stand out when worn in town or at sightseeing spots.

How to choose binding shoes for everyday wear

Two binding choices are Shimano SPD or Crank Brothers

First, in terms of being able to walk around town, there are two binding systems to choose from: Shimano SPD or Crank Brothers. Both have small cleats that are hidden in the outsole.

In terms of shoe selection, basically, if you choose shoes that are compatible with Shimano SPD, they are also compatible with Crank Brothers cleats.

Choose shoes whose cleats are hidden by the outsole.

Shimano SPD-compatible shoes are available from a variety of manufacturers for a wide range of uses. However, in terms of everyday wear, shoes that hide the cleats in the outsole are the best.

If the cleats are not hidden in the sole, you will be bothered by the clacking sound every time you walk, and the cleats will be worn out.

Sneaker-type binding shoes are best for casual wear

If you wear binding shoes with casual clothes, sneaker-type binding shoes are best. For example, Shimano’s CT series binding shoes are the best choice.

Sneaker-type shoes look casual, but the cleats on the outsole are weak, and they do not feel as integrated with the pedals as regular binding shoes.

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Casual Binding Shoes from Major Manufacturers


Shimano, the developer of SPD, offers the “CT” series as part of its City Touring series. They are completely just sneakers in appearance, so they match with everyday wear.

Shimano also offers SPD shoes in its MT series for MTB, with a design similar to sneakers, but with a higher rigidity index than the CT series, making them ideal for serious riding.

However, they are slightly more sporty, so if you want a more casual look, you should choose the “CT” series or another manufacturer.


Fizik is a popular manufacturer of bicycle saddles and binding shoes in Japan. Among them, the “GRAVITA” series are shoes for off-road and city riding, so they can be worn on a daily basis.

The disadvantage is that the price is much higher than Shimano’s CT series, but the chic design can be used at work in some situations.


GIRO is another popular bicycle binding shoe manufacturer.

Their main product is SPD-SL shoes for road cycling, but they also have the most extensive lineup of binding shoes for everyday use, including the RUMBLE VR, which is perfect for city riding, and the PETRA VR, which is for women.

Like Fizik, the price is high, but considering the wide range of designs that can be used for everyday wear, cycling, and outdoor activities, the cost performance is not bad.

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