What kind of brand is "dhb" for sports and cycle wear?

Posted at: Nov 29, 2021

What kind of sports and cycle wear brand is dhb, and what are the characteristics of dhb's clothing and item lineup?

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dhb is a private brand of the mail order company Wiggle

dhb, often seen in cycle jerseys, is actually a private brand of Wiggle, a popular overseas shopping site.

dhb | Wiggle

This brand is popular because of its simple design and functional clothing lineup for sports occasions, and also because its prices are much lower than other manufacturers.

Wiggle’s other private-label brands include “LifeLine” for bicycle accessories and consumables, and “Brand-X” for bicycle bodies, frames, and parts.

Features of dhb

Simple design and easy to wear

Most cycle wear and sportswear have flashy designs, such as sponsor logos or bizarre designs, but dhb’s clothing is simple and easy to wear.

dhb’s clothes are basically designed with only the dhb logo and fabric patterns, and even the slightly flashy clothes are mainly simple designs with only a few lines and patterns.

Even though they are a bit flashy, the designs are simple with only a few lines and patterns. Still, the functionality of the clothes is well secured, so they can be used for both serious racing and hobby riding such as cycling and pottering.

For those who want to try cycle wear but are embarrassed by flashy designs, it is worth considering dhb cycle wear.

Low price

dhb’s cycle wear is 30% cheaper than other major manufacturers’ cycle wear at list price, and more than 50% cheaper when on sale, making it a very cost-effective cycle wear.

The only way to buy dhb is through Wiggle, which is a hurdle to overcome if you are not familiar with overseas shopping, but it is a great advantage to be able to get quality cycle wear.

Apparel items by dhb

Cycle Wear

In Japan, dhb is famous for its cycle wear.

The line up of cycle wear includes not only standard cycle wear such as cycle jerseys and bib shorts, but also binding shoes, helmets, and eyewear, covering most of the cycle apparel that you wear when riding a bicycle.

In addition to the main apparel such as cycle jerseys, bib shorts, and windbreakers, the site also has a wide range of low-priced accessories such as socks, which are items that many people buy together to get free shipping when purchasing from Wiggle.

dhb cycle wear | Wiggle

Trail wear

Trail wear, as the name suggests, is a lineup of clothing best suited for MTB, etc. Although dhb cycle wear has a strong image of being a “clothing brand for road bikes,” the lineup for trail wear is also relatively extensive.

Although it is designed for trail use, it can be used as cycle wear because of its simple design, and some items are designed for both cycle and trail use.

dhb Trail wear | Wiggle

Running clothes

Many of the clothes in the running wear category are simple, with just the dhb logo. Because of its simplicity, it is good for everyday use and can also be used as cycle wear.

The running wear category does not have much cosmetic appeal because global manufacturers such as Nike and addidas also have affordable items in their lineups, but it is ideal for those who are looking for simple and functional running and cycle wear.

dhb Running clothes | Wiggle

Triathlon wear

A clothing line for triathlon. The lineup focuses on swimming wear, and is characterized by its high cost performance.

The big advantage is that you can buy it at almost half the price of comparable clothing from other companies, especially during sale periods.

dhb Triathlon wear | Wiggle

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