Summary of Shimano component grades used in hybrid bikes

Posted at: Nov. 28, 2021

The following is a summary of the grades of Shimano components (road and MTB) used in hybrid bikes. There are also points to choose from when comparing hybrid bikes from a component perspective.

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Hybrid bikes are equipped with two types of components: road type and MTB type.

Road Components on Hybrid bike

The most common road components for hybrid bikes are the CLARIS and SORA grades, which are the second most common road bike components.

Some of the higher-end hybrid bikes are equipped with 105 components, but there are fewer types available as complete bikes. The price of a complete bike can easily exceed $1,000, and many users may decide to buy a road bike if they have to pay this price.

When it comes to Shimano’s racing grade components for road bikes, DURA-ACE and ULTEGRA, there are probably no hybrid bikes equipped with them.

MTB-compatible components for hybrid bikes

Since hybrid bikes are similar to MTB bikes, MTB components have a high affinity with them and are often used.

Among MTB components, Tourney, ATLUS, and ACERA are the most commonly used in entry and middle grade hybrid bikes, and are all lower grade components.

There are some hybrid bikes equipped with DEORE grade components, but they are still DEORE 10s, which is the lowest grade of DEORE.

This is the same as the compo for road bikes, and it may mean that if you want to ride a higher grade sport bike with 11 or more speeds, you should choose a MTB.

Shimano Components and Hybrid Bike Mounting Comparison Chart

Here is a comparison of Shimano components used in hybrid bikes in terms of number of gears and for road and MTB bikes.

Rear Shifting Gears Road Bike Components MTB Components Complete Bike Price
12 speed - - -
11 speed 105 - Over $2,000
10 speed TIAGRA DEORE 10s Over $1,500
9 speed SORA ACERA Over $1,000
8 speed CLARIS ALTUS $800
7 speed Tourney A070 Tourney $400

The most popular entry-level bikes are the CLARIS and ATLUS 8-speed bikes, which cost around 60,000 to 80,000 yen. 8-speed bikes also have good cost performance for consumables such as chains and sprockets, so they are more compatible with hybrid bikes, which are often chosen for daily use.

Giant's Escape R3 hybrid bike also uses the 8-speed ATLUS

Tourney is often used in cheap hybrid bikes under $400. In this area, it is more likely to be cheaper to buy a new bike than to convert a hybrid bike to road or MTB.

Most of the hybrid bikes in the $1,000 range are equipped with SORA or ACERA, which can be converted to road bikes if you have handlebars and STI levers.

The higher grades are usually 10-speed (2x10, 3x10) hybrid bikes equipped with DEORE, and the price is over $1,000.

Which is the best Shimano component for a hybrid bike?

CLARIS and ALTUS are the most common entry-level hybrid bikes, but even the entry-level road and MTB bikes are solid sport bikes compared to ordinary city bikes.

Therefore, CLARIS and ALTUS bikes and above are enough to give you the fun of a sport bike, and you can also upgrade to 9 or 10 speed bikes. Consumables such as chains and sprockets are also common for 6 to 8-speed bikes, which is also a big advantage.

On the other hand, the Tourney series, which is used in cheaper hybrid bikes, uses 7-speed parts that are not suitable for upgrading, so these hybrid bikes are designed to be used up rather than upgraded.

When it comes to hybrid bikes with more than 10 speeds, the middle grade models of road bikes and MTBs are also considered in terms of the price of the complete bike, so make sure to compare complete bikes in the same price range of road bikes and MTBs.

It does not mean that road bikes and MTBs are better, but for the same price, road bikes and MTBs may have more options.

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