LOOK's Grades and Types of Binding Pedals for Road Use

Posted at: Feb 13, 2022

LOOK is a highly regarded manufacturer of complete vehicles, and in this article, we'll take a look at the grades and types of LOOK's popular binding pedals for road use, and the differences between each model.

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LOOK’s Grades of Binding Pedals

All current LOOK binding pedals for road use are unified into the KEO series.

Within the KEO series, they are divided into the following three grades.

  2. KEO 2 max

In addition, within each grade, there are several variations such as “CARBON” and “PLUS” with different materials.

The grading system is not as simple as Shimano’s binding pedals for road use, but it is good to remember that they are “BLADE, MAX, and CLASSIC”.


The KEO BLADE is the top grade of LOOK’s current binding pedals, with the name of the base model followed by the name of the part material.

All models are made of carbon, so the base model is “KEO BLADE CARBON”, which is divided into three models according to the materials used for the bearings and shafts.


The KEO 2 MAX is one grade below the top-of-the-line KEO BLADE, which is a binding pedal with a completely different structure and shape from the KEO BLADE, similar to Shimano’s SPD-SL pedal series.

The KEO 2 MAX is available in two models, a carbon model and a regular model, and they look almost the same, but you can tell the carbon model from the regular model because the body color of the carbon model is slightly more carbon.


Among LOOK’s binding pedals, the KEO 3 CLASSIC is the comfort model, based on the higher-end KEO 2 MAX model, but with a simplified body structure for a much lower cost.

The KEO 3 CLASSIC is the base model, and the PLUS has a stainless steel plate for the crate contact surface.

Differences between LOOK binding pedal series

Difference between KEO BLADE and KEO 2 MAX

The upper grade KEO BLADE and the middle grade KEO 2 MAX are all different in shape and structure.

The KEO BLADE, while inheriting the previous LOOK series, uses a bottom plate structure similar to TIME, designed to better convert pedaling power into propulsive force.

In terms of weight, the KEO BLADE is as light as the TIME pedals, which are known as lightweight pedals, while the KEO 2 MAX series is about the same as Shimano’s SPD-SL pedals.

Difference between KEO 2 MAX and KEO 3 CLASSIC

As explained earlier, KEO 3 CLASSIC is a lower-priced version of KEO 2 MAX, so it is a line for those who want to try LOOK binding pedals at a reasonable price.

If you want to enjoy serious riding, such as long rides or road races, it is better to choose KEO 2 MAX or higher.

However, the KEO 3 CLASSIC is priced lower than Shimano’s entry-level PD-R550 road pedal and is about 10% lighter (PR-R550 is 310g/pair), so beginners who want a lighter pedal from the start may want to choose the KEO 3 CLASSIC.

LOOK Binding Pedals Weight and Material Comparison

model series weight (pair) shaft bearing body bottom plate
KEO BLADE CARBON CERAMIC TI KEO BLADE 190g titanium ceramic carbon Available
KEO BLADE CARBON CERAMIC KEO BLADE 220g Chromoly Ceramic Carbon Available
KEO BLADE CARBON KEO BLADE 230g Chromoly Steel Carbon Available
KEO 2 MAX CARBON KEO 2 MAX 250g Cromoly Steel Carbon None
KEO 2 MAX KEO 2 MAX 260g Cromoly Steel Composite Body None
KEO 3 CLASSIC KEO 3 CLASSIC 280g Cromoly Steel Composite Body None
KEO 3 CLASSIC PLUS KEO 3 CLASSIC 280g Cromoly Steel Composite Body None

There is a 100g difference in weight between the entry-level KEO 3 CLASSIC and the top-level KEO BLADE CARBON CERAMIC TI, so it is worth choosing the KEO BLADE CARBON CERAMIC TI even if it costs more if you are concerned about weight reduction.

The KEO 2 MAX CARBON is a well-balanced model for those who want to save weight.

Different cleats compatible with LOOK pedals

All current models are KEO cleats

All current models of LOOK binding pedals are compatible with KEO cleats, so they are not compatible with DELTA cleats for older models.

Note that although KEO cleats and DELTA cleats are similar in shape, they are not interchangeable and cannot be used interchangeably.

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