Continental Tire Series and Types for Road bike

Posted at: Jan 5, 2022

Continental is a standard and popular tire for road bikes in Japan. Here is a summary of Continental's tire series and types for road use, as well as the differences in weight between models and sizes.

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Tire weight is listed for black tires. Colored tires may have different weights.

Continental’s range of tires for road use


The GRAND PRIX series is so popular that it is synonymous with Continental’s tires for road use. The GRAND PRIX series is so popular that it is synonymous with road tires.

Model Type 20C 23C 25C 28C 30C 32C
GRAND PRIX 4000 TUBULAR Tubular - 270g(22mm) - - - -
GRAND PRIX 5000 S TR Clincher - 250g 280g 300g 320g
GRAND PRIX 5000TL Tubeless - - 295g 315g - 375g
GRAND PRIX TT Clincher - 180g 190g - - -
GRAND PRIX 5000 Clincher - 200g 225g 240g - 290g
GRAND PRIX 4-SEASON Clincher - 230g 240g 280g - 320g
GRAND PRIX SUPERSONIC Clincher 160-170g 175-185g - - - -
GRAND PRIX Clincher - 225g 245g 275g - -
GRAND PRIX CLASSIC Clincher - - 230g - - -

Since the GRAND PRIX is Continental’s main model, there are various differences among the models, not only in price and weight, but also in the compound material.

There are so many that it’s hard to remember, but it’s best to remember that the current GRAND PRIX 5000 series (4000 series in the previous model) is the highest grade, and the unmarked is the lowest price grade.


The ATTACK & FORCE series is a special model that is manufactured with separate special designs for the front and rear wheels. The front wheel “ATTACK” is a 23C size and the rear wheel “FORCE” is a 25C size.

The ATTACK & FORCE for clinchers is part of the GRAND PRIX series. The ATTACK & FORCE for tubular riders is also available.

Model Type 20C 23C 25C 28C 30C 32C
GRAND PRIX ATTACK & FORCE(ATTACK) Clincher - 190g - - - -
GRAND PRIX ATTACK & FORCE(FORCE) Clincher - - 210g - - -
ATTACK & FORCE COMP(ATTACK) Tubular - 240g(22mm) - - - -
ATTACK & FORCE COMP(FORCE) Tubular - - 260g(24mm) - - -

Because it is a specially designed tire, it is more expensive than the GRAND PRIX 5000 tire in the main GRAND PRIX series, but at 400g front and rear for the clincher, it is an ultra-light tire that will be useful in hill climbs and other situations where you need to reduce weight.


Continental’s entry-level road tires, the SUPER SPORT and ULTRA SPORT, are ideal for those who want to experience Continental tires at a reasonable price.

The ULTRA SPORT, in particular, is a relatively common model used by many riders because of its low price and the fact that it is sometimes included as standard equipment on entry-level complete cars.

Model Type 20C 23C 25C 28C 30C 32C
SUPER SPORT PLUS Clincher - 320g - - - -
ULTRA SPORT 3 Clincher - 245g 265g 295g - -

Considering the tire size options and weight, it is no wonder that the popular ULTRA SPORT 3 is so popular with a wide range of options and a reasonable price range.


The best of Continental’s tubular tires is the COMPETITION, which is hand-stitched one by one in a factory in Germany and used by professionals in road racing.

Model Type 20C 23C 25C 28C 30C 32C
COMPETITION Tubular 230g(19mm) 260g(22mm) 280g(25mm) - - -

Although it is a tubular tire, it weighs less than 300 grams, and although the price is high, it is a model that can be used by professionals.


As the name implies, this is a mid-grade tire that can be used not only for practice but also for racing, and SPRINTER is only available in tubular models.

Model Type 20C 23C 25C 28C 30C 32C
SPRINTER Tubular - 275g(22mm) 295g(25mm) - - -
SPRINTER GATORSKIN Tubular - 300g(22mm) 320g(25mm) - - -


In addition to the main series mentioned above, Continental also has a lineup of tires that are specialized for use and entry-level tires.

Among clinchers, there is the mid-grade GATORSKIN tire with excellent puncture resistance, and the HOMETRAINER tire for indoor training.

As for tubular tires, the lineup includes TEMPO, a tubular tire for time trial, and GIRO, a tubular tire for entry-level riders.

Model Type 20C 23C 25C 28C 30C 32C
GATORSKIN Clincher - 230g 250g 320g - 350g
HOMETRAINER Clincher - 280g - - - -
TEMPO Tubular 180g(19mm) 200g(22mm) - - - -
GIRO Tubular - 300g(22mm) - - - -

How to Choose Continental Tires for the Road

Continental is indeed one of the top and most popular manufacturers of road tires. There are so many choices for road tires that it’s hard to know which one to choose.

If you understand the characteristics of each model, you will be able to find the tire you like.

If you want to experience an upgrade, choose the GRAND PRIX

If you are looking for a tire that will give you an upgrade in driving experience, such as improved rolling resistance, the GRAND PRIX is the tire of choice for a wide range of applications.

The lowest grade, GRAND PRIX (unmarked), is light enough and has high cost performance, but if you choose the higher grade, GRAND PRIX 5000, you will feel a big difference.

Not many choices for tubeless tires

More than half of Continental’s road tires are clinchers, the rest are tubulars, and the only tubeless tire in the lineup is the GRAND PRIX 5000TL, which has been getting a lot of attention lately.

However, since tubeless tires are often not available for road use even from other manufacturers, Continental does not have a particularly small selection. Considering the fact that some manufacturers do not offer tubeless tires for road use, it is good that there is a choice.

Be aware that colored tires are “heavy”!

Continental offers a line of colored tires. The colored sides of the tires are popular for dressing up your bike, but they tend to weigh about 40g more than the black models.

This is fine if you are focusing on appearance and don’t care about weight, but if you are focusing on bike weight, it is better to simply choose the black tire.

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