How to choose and recommend a Bluetooth ANT+ sensor

Posted at: Jul 20, 2021

We have compiled a list of recommended Bluetooth ANT+ sensors that are currently available in Japan, as well as how to choose and what to look for when selecting a Bluetooth ANT+ sensor.

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How to Choose a Bluetooth ANT+ Sensor

The biggest advantage of Bluetooth ANT+ is that you can turn your phone into a cycle computer.

A high performance cycle computer can cost tens of thousands of dollars, so if you can turn your phone into a cycle computer, you can save a lot of money. The money you save can be used to upgrade your wheels, tires, etc.

Bluetooth ANT+ sensors are also a genre where there is basically no significant difference in performance between products. No matter which sensor you choose, you can basically measure two things: speed and cadence.

However, the most important point to consider is whether or not your cycle computer (or app if you use a smartphone) supports the sensor.

Choose one that measures both speed and cadence

There are two types of Bluetooth ANT+ sensors: those that can switch between measuring speed and cadence, and those that have separate sensors for speed and cadence.

The price is almost the same, so make sure you choose a product that can measure both speed and cadence.

Doesn’t work with Strava app

Strava has officially stated that Bluetooth and ANT+ sensors can no longer be paired directly with the mobile app.


However, you can import your driving data into Strava via the Wahoo Fitness app, so if you are using your phone, sync your data via the Wahoo app.

Wahoo Fitness


Wahoo is a popular manufacturer of fitness equipment. In the cycling genre, their indoor trainers and cyclocomputers are popular.

Wahoo also releases Bluetooth sensors, ranging from integrated speed and cadence to standalone models and heart rate sensors, making it a first choice if you are looking for a Bluetooth ANT+ sensor.

The bottleneck is the price, which is relatively high compared to the Chinese manufacturers mentioned below.


XOSS, a Chinese and Hong Kong manufacturer, produces and sells cyclocomputers and sensors. A single unit can measure both speed and cadence. However, it is not possible to measure both speed and cadence with a single unit.

XOSS has a dedicated app for iOS and Android, and you can also use the XOSS app to capture ride data and send it to your linked Strava account.

XOSS | App Store

XOSS | Google Play Store


CooSpo is similar in price and features to XOSS and Cycplus, and is marketed as having the latest updates for 2020, so if you want the latest version, this is the one for you.


The iGPSPORT Bluetooth ANT+ sensor was distributed early on. iGPSPORT differs from XOSS and Cycplus in that it does not provide both speed and cadence, but requires a separate sensor for each. The difference between the XOSS and the Cycplus is that you need to get a sensor for both speed and cadence.

In this sense, XOSS and Cycplus are currently more user-friendly.

Add a cadence sensor if you want to use it with a GPS cycling controller or smartphone

If you want to use your bike with a GPS cycling controller or a smartphone as a cycling controller, it would be best to leave the speed data to GPS and get the cadence data from Bluetooth/ANT+ sensor, which can only be measured from the bike.

The data from GPS is also very accurate, so it’s almost as good as a sensor-based speedometer.

If you can’t use GPS measurement, use it for different purposes

If you don’t want to use a GPS cyclocomputer or speed measurement on your phone, it’s a good idea to use either speed or cadence depending on your application.

For example, you can use it as a cadence sensor for training, and use it as a speed sensor for racing or cycling, or use it as a speed sensor for indoor roller practice. However, the iGPSPORT cannot be used in this way because the sensor has a specific role.

We’ve looked at how to choose and recommend a Bluetooth ANT+ sensor.

While dedicated cyclocomputers such as Garmin and Cateye are the standard, Bluetooth ANT+ sensors have many advantages such as app connectivity and the ability to turn your smartphone into a cyclocomputer.

The price is not that high, so please give it a try.

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