A summary of Vittoria's tire series and types for road use

Posted at: Jan. 5, 2022

The following is a summary of the features of each series of Italian tire manufacturer Vittoria's tires for road use, as well as the weight, price and type of tire for each model.

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Tire weight is listed for black tires. Colored tires may have different weights.

Vittoria’s range of tires for road use


The CORSA series is Vittoria’s top grade of tires for road use. The lineup includes three types: the all-round CORSA, the speed-oriented CORSA SPEED chosen for time trials, and the CORSA CONTROL for rough roads like cobblestones.

Model Type 20C 23C 25C 28C 30C 32C
CORSA Clincher - 245g 255g 270g 285g 295g
CORSA CONTROL Clincher - - 265g 280g 280g -
CORSA TLR Tubeless ready - - 290g 305g - -
CORSA SPEED TLR Tubeless ready - 225g 240g - - -
CORSA CONTROL TLR Tubeless ready - - 300g 315g 320g -
CORSA Tubular Tubular - 275g(23mm) 290g(25mm) 360g(28mm) - -
CORSA SPEED Tubular Tubular - 200g(23mm) 205g(25mm) - - -
CORSA CONTROL Tubular Tubular - - 295g(25mm) 350g(28mm) 370g(30mm) -

The CORSA series is characterized by a wide range of tubeless ready and tubular options. Both tubeless ready and tubular models are light in weight and are used in professional racing tires.


The RUBINO PRO series is the middle grade of Vittoria’s road tires, and if the CORSA series is race grade, the RUBINO PRO is designed for use between racing and training. The CORSA series is a race-grade tire, while the RUBINO PRO is designed for use between racing and training. The RUBINO PRO is the easiest series to choose as a popular grade, with a very good balance of lightness, running performance, and price.

The RUBINO PRO lineup consists of the all-round RUBINO PRO, the speed-oriented RUBINO PRO SPEED, and the puncture-resistant RUBINO PRO CONTROL.

Model Type 20C 23C 25C 28C 30C 32C
RUBINO PRO Clincher - 230g 250g 270g 300g -
RUBINO PRO SPEED Clincher - 190g 205g - - -
RUBINO PRO CONTROL Clincher - 290g 305g 340g - -
RUBINO PRO TLR Tubeless ready - - 305g 335g 370g -
RUBINO PRO Tubular Tubular - 285g(23mm) 295g(25mm) 335g(28mm) - -

Unlike the CORSA series, the RUBINO PRO series is mainly a clincher and there are not many tubeless ready or tubular options. However, the price of both tubeless and tubular models is lower than that of other companies’ products, making it more cost-effective.


The ZAFFIRO series is Vittoria’s entry-level tire for road use, and is positioned as a training tire.

There are three models: the ZAFFIRO PRO for a slightly racier ride, the ZAFFIRO with increased durability for training, and the ZAFFIRO PRO HOME TRAINER for use on a roller stand.

Model Type 20C 23C 25C 28C 30C 32C
ZAFFIRO Clincher - - 380g 410g 460g 470g
ZAFFIRO PRO Clincher - 300g 310g 340g 385g 395g
ZAFFIRO PRO HOME TRAINER Clincher - 270g - - - -

As an entry grade, it is also characterized by its wide range of sizes from 23C to 32C. Although many of the models are heavier in weight, the increased durability makes them ideal tires for commuting and training.

How to choose a Vittoria tire for the road

Vittoria’s road tires are easy to choose as a rider because they are neatly divided into top, middle and entry grades. The prices are a little higher than Panaracer, but even so, many of the models are within your reach, so you may have trouble finding the right one.

Therefore, when choosing a Vittoria tire, it is best to select one based on its intended use.

If you’re looking for a tire with high performance, look no further than the CORSA series

Considering the material and weight of the tires, if you are looking for a tire with high performance, the CORSA series is the way to go. Although it is the highest grade, the price is not too unreasonable, and if you take advantage of sales, you can get a set for about $100. At this price, you may want to choose this tire not only for racing but also for training.

There is a lower grade RUBINO PRO model that is lighter, but the CORSA series has the best balance of durability and other factors, so if you are considering a price difference of a little over $20, you should choose the CORSA series.

RUBINO PRO series for training and daily use

The RUBINO PRO series, which can be obtained for around $100 for a set at regular prices, is ideal for everyday use and training.

The RUBINO PRO series is a high cost tire with a very good balance of price, performance, and durability, so if you are not sure, go for the RUBINO PRO series, and if you want something better, go for the CORSA series, and if you want more durability, go for the ZAFFIRO series.

If durability is important to you, choose the RUBINO PRO CONTROL instead of the ZAFFIRO series.

Only use the ZAFFIRO series if durability is your top priority, even if it is heavy.

The main disadvantage of the ZAFFIRO series is its weight, with some 32C models weighing as much as 1kg for the front and rear set.

However, the ZAFFIRO series tires are inexpensive and have excellent durability, making them ideal for the “use it up until it wears out” use case.

Therefore, if durability is important to you, the ZAFFIRO series is a good first choice. However, you should be prepared for an increase in weight.

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