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Through axle

The through-axle type is the latest method of securing a sports bicycle. This is a list of articles on through-axle types, compatible frames, and how to select wheels.


This page is about how to choose MTB, mechanical information such as parts standards and types, and how to enjoy MTB.


Handlebars are an important part of bicycle operation. This section summarizes the characteristics of each handle and how to select a handle, including drop handle for road bikes, flat bar handle for MTB, and bullfighting handle that is popular in some parts of the world.


Tubeless is being increasingly adopted in bicycles, especially road bikes and MTBs. This article discusses the know-how and parts selection for tubeless operation.

Front single

While rear gears are becoming more multistage with 12 or 13 speeds, "front singles," which eliminate the front gear shift, are spreading, especially on gravel roads and MTBs. This article summarizes its merits and demerits.

Bike saddles

The saddle is a weighty component for proper pedaling as well as comfort on a bicycle. We have compiled articles on how to select and adjust a saddle.

Cycle shoes

Cycle shoes are a bit expensive, but once you use them, you can't stop. We have compiled a list of features of binding shoes, how to select them, and the differences between manufacturers.

Bike Helmet

A bicycle helmet is an important accessory to protect your head in the event of a fall or accident. We have compiled a list of bicycle helmets, including how to choose one and the differences between manufacturers.

Bike pedals

Pedals have a significant impact on the performance of a bicycle. This section delivers articles on pedals, from regular pedals to binding pedals for sport bikes.

Parts compatibility

This article is about the compatibility of bicycle bodies, parts, and accessories. Compatible parts can be combined to make your ride safer and more comfortable.


Cycle wear is what makes bicycle rides comfortable. In the past, most of them were serious wear (jerseys) for road biking, etc. Recently, however, casual wear for cycling, pottering, and other lightweight rides has also become available.

Rain Protection

Bicycles can be ridden in the rain, but good rain protection will reduce accidents and make your ride more comfortable. We also provide rain protection for road bikes and other sport bikes without mudguards.


Bicycle parts used to turn the rear wheel via a chain. The lineup ranges from a single sprocket without shifting to a sprocket compatible with 12-speed shifting for road bikes and MTBs.

Disc brake

Disc brakes are becoming the mainstream brakes on sport bicycles and e-bikes. This topic is about disc brakes, their benefits, and replacement.

7 Speed(7s)

Often used in budget road bikes and cross bikes. 7-speed (7s). topics include customizing 7-speed bikes and upgrading to 8-speed and above.


Customization is a fun way to make your bicycle easier to use, more fashionable, and just that much more fun. We have compiled a list of customization order and cost-effective customization methods.


Body weight is a major factor in bicycle riding. The following topics are related to "weight reduction," which is an upgrade and customization to reduce body weight as much as possible.

Gravel bike

Gravel bikes take the best parts of both road bikes and MTBs. They are rapidly gaining popularity for leisure and commuting use, as they can be ridden on the same roads as road bikes without having to choose between them.


The number of gears in the upper grades of road bikes and MTBs is 11 (11s), and topics include customizing an 11-speed bike and upgrading to an 11-speed.

12 speed(12s)

12 speed (12s) is the number of gears in the higher grades of road bikes and MTBs. 12 speed bike customization and upgrading to 12 speeds are topics discussed.

Bike computer (cyclocomputer)

A cycle computer (cyclocomputer) is a device that can measure the speed, cadence, and heart rate of a bicycle. The latest models are also equipped with map and navigation functions, evolving into a partner that makes your ride more comfortable and your training more efficient.


This is a topic about customizing a 10-speed bike or upgrading to a 10-speed bike. 10s is the number of gears that used to be the upper grade of road bikes and MTBs, and is now the middle grade.

8-speed (8s)

This is a topic about customizing 8-speed bikes and upgrading to 8-speed or higher. 8-speed bikes are not only used for road bikes and MTBs, but also e-bikes and cross bikes of the above grade.


Topics include customizing a 9-speed bike and upgrading to a 9-speed.


A Chinese bicycle manufacturer founded by former SRAM engineers, called the fourth largest bicycle component manufacturer after Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM. Attractive for its overwhelmingly low price.


Among bicycle parts, wheels tend to be directly related to riding performance and driving feel. We have compiled a list of topics on how to select wheels from manufacturers and the characteristics of each material.

Bicycle maintenance costs

Maintenance costs for bicycles are significantly lower than those for cars and motorcycles. We have compiled a wide range of maintenance costs, from basic maintenance costs such as regular maintenance for long-lasting use and bicycle insurance coverage, to maintenance costs specific to road bikes and other sport bikes.

Bicycle Maintenance Tools

This topic is about tools that can be used for maintenance and servicing of road bikes and other sports bikes, as well as city bikes and cross bikes for daily use.

Bike brake

Brakes play an important role in slowing down and stopping a bicycle. Topics include how to select brakes and the differences between models.

Bike tire

The world of tires is a humble but actually profound one. Topics include how to select tires for different driving situations and purposes, and daily tire maintenance, which directly affects driving comfort.


The chain connects the front and rear gears to convert human power into propulsive force. It is a simple and unassuming part among components, but it is an important part that also affects shifting performance.


Components such as cranks, derailleurs, STI levers (brakes, gear shifters), etc. are what make bicycling more comfortable. This section covers topics related to components from manufacturers such as Shimano and how to upgrade each part.


Hybridbikes are used not only for cycling, but also for everyday use such as commuting to work or school, as they are less serious than road bikes but still offer a sporty ride.


Bicycle maintenance and servicing are important not only for the life of the vehicle and its parts, but also for riding comfort and avoiding traffic accidents. We have compiled a list of tools and maintenance methods that you should prepare for your own maintenance and servicing.

Ride safety

Driving safety is an absolute must when riding a bicycle. This section covers topics such as traffic rules that are surprisingly unknown due to the lack of a driver's license system, things to keep in mind when riding safely, and equipment and maintenance that you should prepare for.


Road bikes are sports bicycles designed to help you ride faster and farther. Here, we've compiled a list of topics related to road bikes, including their bodies, how to ride them, and training.


Shimano is a Japanese manufacturer with the world's No.1 share in bicycle components. Shimano offers a wide range of parts for everything from city bicycles to road bikes, MTBs, and other serious bicycles.


We have compiled a list of topics related to bicycle upgrades, from full-scale upgrades for road bikes and other sport bikes to petite upgrades that make everyday bikes such as cross bikes and mini-velos more comfortable.